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handmade_gifts's Journal

Handmade Gifts
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A place to share and get ideas for handmade gifts
Welcome to Handmade_Gifts! This is a community to show off, get ideas from, and post tutorials for making gifts. Post either something you made yourself, or a link to a cool gift idea you came across.

A few rules:

- NO SALES POSTS. However, free/swap posts are more than welcome.
- All posts must be in English, as that is the primary language of the majority of the community. You are free to post a link to a translation in a different language if you wish.
- Feel free to advertise another community, as long as it's related somehow to the concept of making things and DIY.
- Place multiple or large images behind an LJ cut.
- If you're going to post images of something you've made, please post something along with it, such as tips on how you made it, materials, anything. Photo-only posts will be reminded to edit their post, then deleted after one day if the edit is not made.
- Crossposting in moderation is fine.
- Tag your posts.
- Please do not change the default font size or color.
- Play nice. Constructive criticism is okay. Flaming is not. Remember that people's tastes may vary, and if you can't say anything nice, keep quiet.
- Breaking the rules will usually get you a warning to fix it. Sales posts will be deleted with no warning. Repeat offenders may be banned.

Due to the large amount of vague "looking for ideas" posts, PLEASE look through the tags first. Chances are there's the perfect idea just waiting there for you. If you really can't find ANYTHING, go ahead and post using the following form. The fields are not all mandatory, but keep in mind that this information is what we'll need to suggest good gift ideas. Any posts made without this basic format will be deleted. It may be re-posted with this form.

Who is the gift for?
What is the occasion?
List at least three of their interests:
Any stipulations or things to avoid (i.e., has to be something small, or they already have enough scarves, etc.):
What kind of crafting do you do?
Name some other crafts that you would be willing to try:
Do you have a price range for materials?
Do you have a time limit to make this present?
Any other information you'd like to include:

If you have any problems or questions, contact the maintainer lutine at lj.handmade.gifts (at) gmail (dot) com. Our wonderful co-mod is woah_jackson.

Our awesome layout was made from code by grrliz and graphics by sinstralpride.

Donate to keep our image hosting up and running, with no bandwidth limits.

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