December 8th, 2008

A few gift ideas

If you have an old photo album lying around (or see one for cheap at the local thrift store) you can convert it into a recipe book. You can use it for recipe cards (from an old recipe box or something). It is nice because you can switch around the recepie cards whenever you want. All you need are a few stick on tabs (from an office supply store) to label sections "meat" and "dessert" and whatnot.

Another idea is very cheap. I have made bookmarks for my parents and boyfriend with pictures of us on them. All I did was took electronic photos and used microsoft word to make them smaller and then linned up a few in a column. Than I printed them out and glues them to thin cardboard paper.

Travelocity Santa

I found this idea/pattern from twocheeseplease's post earlier in this community and I highly recommend it! Her instructions are great and the pattern is so versatile.

Twocheeseplease's original wreath was beautiful and traditional and used flatter batting to give it a true quilt-y feel. I altered this one with stuffed sections, binding (which, clearly, I still need practice with), and more modern colors to fit the recipient. I think it's really endlessly customizable and took very little time to complete. Props to the designer!

Also, I stuck a little gnome Santa in the lower left corner to balance the colors a little.

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Yesterday my sister came over, and she and my husband made candles in teacups to give to my mother in law.  Sadly I didn't take any pictures, but they turned out great!  It was an easy project that only took an hour or two and didn't cost a whole lot - the teacups were acquired at Goodwill, the most expensive part was the wax which was only $10 or so.  They also got a little ice cream cup, and a small pot that looks like it used to have a lid.  They turned out very cute!  This would be a great project to do with older children, with supervision of course.
Wendy Peter Scratching Head


I have not actually MADE one of these (yet!) but it's been on my list for some time, so I have to share!

My scuba instructor keeps a QUILLOW in the backseat of his car, and it's come in handy on many of our dive trips! His girlfriend made it for him out of fish fabric.

What is a quillow, you ask? It is a quilt/blanket that folds up into a pillow. The beauty of this project is that you do NOT have to be a master sewer or quilter to make one, but if you ARE a master quilter, you can likely spice it up with your master skills.

If you Google "Quillow" you will find a zillion different tutorials, but I liked this one the best. For this particular tutorial, they use fleece instead of fabric.

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(I stole the tutorial and photo from this web site:
Go Speed Racer!

A crafty query!

Crafty gifters, I present you with this question!

Do you find it easier to make things for others, whether as gifts or for sale, than to make things for yourself? 

I personally find that to be the case - if I'm making something for my own use, I'm less likely to have the motivation to finish it.  If I'm making it to sell or to give as a present, however, its far easier to finish it, and quickly.  I often get attached to these things, and think I ought to make one just like it for myself - but I never do.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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I'm looking for ideas for home made Christmas Cracker toys.  I'm going to make some dime store toys and beaded things, but I want to try and make some mini instruments which is giving me dramas.  Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this?

My latest crafty thing was for Secret Santa, I managed to get the big boss for our section... The limit was $15 so I bought him a toy build your own motorcycle (apparently he likes them) and I bought a couple of $2.00 wine glasses from Hot dollar (a junk shop) and painted them in Christmas colours.
The glass paint was some of a stock I bought awhile ago.  It costs a bit but it never seems to run out.

I used red and green paints and dribbled them down the glass with a little holly picture on the base and underneath the glasses I painted a little heart and initialed it S.S.
Total cost = $7 for the prezzies.
I used some more monies to buy some tissue paper and tinsel and ribbon to wrap them in and a bag to hold it all.

I'll put up photos of the glasses when i can get a computer and my camera to the same place :)

Ice Candle

I've made these forever- very easy and not too expensive.

Cardboard milk or cream container -size to suit your needs- if it's large ie a 2 liter or 1/2 gallon, you can cut it down.
Paraffin or candle wax or recycle ends of candles
Crayons, to dye the wax
String or candle wick (or thin candle as tall as your container)
Ice cubes


large tin can (apple juice or tomato) to act as top half of double boiler
Metal tray- cookie sheet.

Prepare milk container by rinsing it out and cutting the top off. Cut a length of string or wick to fit plus a few inches. Glue or use some melted wax to attach string to inside bottom of container. Tie top of string to pencil and balance on top of container. Fill container with ice cubes. Place on a metal tray .
On the stove, fill a medium size pot half way up with water and bring to a simmer. Set the tin inside, add wax or paraffin, melt. Add crayons to dye wax. Using oven gloves carefully pour the melted wax over the ice cubes. Let it set for 4 hours. Peel off container, you may need to use a knife or scissors.

ETA- sorry don't have any pics of mine- but I found these on a google image search.


Handmade Gift's that can fit in an envelope.

I will be sending out cards this year to many of my friends and penpals but the problem is that I can't really buy everyone a gift. I can't make something big because postage can cost so much. I tried to look for ideas, but I couldn't find any that seemed small enough that can fit in an envelope.

I didn't know if anyone had any ideas. I can't sew so something that requires that I cannot do. I was thinking of attempting a cell phone strap, but I'm not sure if that would be made very well.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much!

Source for Inexpensive Supplies

All this crafting costs money. Some things you need to buy at regular stores ie glue. But you don't need to buy all your stuff at stores. Charity or Opportunity shops such as Goodwill, Salvation Army and Value Village have great deals on everything from knitting needles, embroidery hoops, to wool, fabric, trim and buttons. You can also take a garment apart to use the material- ie a battered leather jacket can be turned into leather for a book cover.
I bought 2 yards of lovely cotton sunflower fabric and another two yards of matching plain green cotton for $1.50 each. The trim for the edging was found at a local fabric store in the clearance bin for 50 cents each. I plan to make a set of placemats and napkins. The most expensive part will be the thread!
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Skittles Vodka

Due to the popularity of the Infamous Skittles Vodka, I have decided to photograph my experiences making it.

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ETA: Yes, I've heard that you can use coffee filters instead of paper towels to strain the vodka. I chose not to do that because a) paper towels are cheaper and b) I've heard from several sources that paper towels actually work a lot better than coffee filters.

ETA again: I get a lot of people asking me about the taste of these, so I'm editing the entry with my comments on it: The vodka had too much of an "alcohol" taste for me to enjoy taking shots of it, but it was absolutely divine mixed with Sprite. I got a pretty good buzz going really quickly - you drink it fast because it doesn't taste alcoholic at all once mixed. If I had used better vodka, the alcohol taste might have been bearable without it being mixed. I don't typically enjoy shots in the first place though, so your experience may differ.

Birthday Gifts

Ok so i feel bad,
I have two friends that have birthdays this month
and i have such a hard time thinking of things to get them
they are my best friends but that just puts more pressure on me to get/make
them something special
So i have spent so much time thinking about Chirstmas gifts
that i completely forgot about Birthday gifts
and worse part is both their parties are this weekend
SO my question is
Does anyone know any quick, special Birthday gifts NOT Christmas themed
that 18 year old girls/young ladies/women (not sure what to call them) would like?
Thank you SO SO SO much <3
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Gift Bag?

I want to make a knitted gift bag for the bath salts and bath bombs I'm making. They need to be medium sized. I am an okay knitter, but mostly just don't like complicated patterns.

I looked around and couldn't find any free patterns I liked. Any suggestions?

Liqueur Recipe for Custom Chocolates?

HI Guys! Another one from you from the spotlight last week, come to ask a question!

So I'm making some chocolates. One batch of which will be in the shape of wine bottles. I was half hoping to fill it with some kind of filling, specifically Liqueur. Does anybody know if I can hunt down a packet of some kind of "ready-made Liqueur"  in stores? OR, and better yet, does anybody have a recipe for it? (Or know what it is, anyway? I'm not a fan of it myself).

I'll make a little tutorial on how to make the custom chocolate shapes when I get around to it, if anybody would like me too. I'll at least post what I've done :P

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I bet  the "creative" mood is really overused here :P

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