styxdrowned (styxdrowned) wrote in handmade_gifts,

Seashell flowers

I made this project last year and loved the result. I gave them away, but I think I've collected enough new shells to try again...

If you are like me, you may have some seashells around the house, taken from beaches as souvenirs. And if they are just laying in closets collecting dust, I thought of a way to get them back as the center of attention: Shell Flowers!

The materials: Shells of all shapes, white candles, a lighter.
How: I spread my biggest two shells like a bowl, superposed, then lighted the candle and let it drop on every junction of the shells, in every little crack. Once dry, I added a smaller shell inside, and used more wax. The hardest part is selecting the right seashells, and making sure everything is solid at the end! The last shell of each flower is pressed against a 'lake' of hot wax in the center of the bowl-like flower.

Keep away from direct heat, of course.
Tags: beginner project, showing off, tutorials
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