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The spring is here and summer is coming soon, so it is the time for butterfly gifts. I'll show you how to weave a beaded butterfly
Quick how to. Everyone I know gets a new washbag next Christmas


Crafts using champagne bottles?

I'm hoping for some advice/suggestions for crafts using champagne bottles. I'm Looking for ideas that don't cover the bottles label/design. I have a dom perignon bottle and another bottle with a very pretty design that I would hate to just put into recycling. Any ideas would be great, thank you!

Поделки из бутылок

Люстра Чивас Ригал от Bottleology, в качестве плафонов использованы пузыри редкой,эксклюзивной серии, выпущенной специально для одного из юбилеев Фиделя Кастро, емкости 4.5,1.5 и 0.7 литра соответственно